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Genetics Update

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During the time I wasn’t writing publicly here, we submitted my mom’s kit for DNA analysis. Because the testing company lowered their prices drastically, their processing times have increased. I’ve been obsessively checking for my mom’s results for several weeks now. They’ve made a lot of updates to the site and are now much better at keeping you informed of your testing status. Today, I saw this:

Almost ready

I am suddenly nervous and excited. In just a few days, I will know what I inherited from my mother, and what I inherited from my donor. I will also know which relatives are from which bloodline. That will help me make more informed decisions about what contact I want to pursue and when. I’m not opposed to exploring connections with people on the donor’s side, but I’m still not sure if I want to actively pursue it either…


More genetics

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The company I used for my genetic testing started running a special near the end of 2012 in hopes of expanding the ancestry database they have. I couldn’t pass up the great deal. So, I ordered kits for Mommy and Granny. Mommy will get some great ancestry information and may even be able to make contact with some distant (or maybe not-so-distant)¬†biological relatives. That’s a pretty big deal considering she has basically no information about her birth or biological connections. With Granny’s results, I will get even more information on our ancestry AND I will be able to tell what traits and relatives are from her DNA and which are from my donor. I would love to get one or both of my dad’s siblings to submit samples as well, but I haven’t been able to broach the subject with them. Even though their DNA is not mine, I would like to be able to trace my dad’s ancestry and genealogy as well. I think that his sister would be willing, but I don’t really know how to ask her to spit in a tube so that I can mail it in for analysis. ūüėČ

There are other things going on in our world right now that have me distracted. I can’t wait until I can talk about them here, but for now I have to leave you hanging. It’s been a bit hard to keep up with the blog lately with all those “things” and the holidays and all the traveling we did during them, but I’ll be back. Thanks for sticking around.

Relative connections

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So, a couple of weeks ago, I got a message on the genetic testing site I used to verify my conception via donor sperm. The person contacting me was obviously related to me on my mother’s side due to the listing of surnames in his profile. It actually turned out to be his mother contacting me via his account. Anyway, I’m finding that tracking down exactly how we are connected is fascinating. It looks like my mother’s paternal grandmother was the sister of his father’s paternal grandfather which would make us 3rd cousins. I’m pretty sure that’s correct. My genealogy is a little rusty. We’re still in contact and tracking down all the details. I’m thoroughly enjoying the investigation.

Then, TODAY, I got a message from someone who has done extensive genealogy¬†research and has a LONG list of surnames on his profile. I recognize none of them. This means that he is probably most likely related to me via my donor. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that connection. This is obviously something that I considered could happen, but now that it actually has I’m not feeling the way I thought I might. I had actually¬†thought I might be a little freaked when/if¬†such contact¬†actually did happen, but my curiosity has been peaked, and I responded. We’ll see where things go from here. It’s likely to be a dead-end since he may not even know if anyone in his family has ever been a donor, especially considering how distant our relationship might be, but I would never know unless I responded.

Family Tree

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The obvious place to start is with our family tree.


Just to clarify a few things, especially for those of you less familiar with the genogram notation:

  • Mommy was adopted by Grandpa L and Abuela who already had a biological child, Uncle.
  • Abuela passed away when Mommy and Uncle were rather young, and later, Grandpa L married Grammy.
  • After years of trying to conceive, in the late 70s, Granny and Grandpa B sought the help of an infertility clinic at a major university’s medical center. Using anonymous donor sperm (all donor sperm through this program was anonymous), they conceived Momma.
  • Mommy and Momma are a same-sex couple (obviously) who chose to expand their family through the use of donor sperm from a sperm bank. The donor they chose was an anonymous donor. After years of trying, they got pregnant, and Mommy gave birth to Little Man in the spring of 2011.