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This post over at Offbeat Families really spoke to me. When people ask me how I feel about having been conceived using donor sperm, I tell them that it assures me that my parents wanted me even more than I knew…that they went to extraordinary lengths to have me. This poster says it beautifully in the last two paragraphs of her post. Though neither my parents nor my wife and I had to go “all the way” to IVF, the sentiment is the same.

“She will know how much we wanted her, our precious result of a mad science experiment gone wonderfully right.”

About Momma

Back in the late 70s, my parents used donor sperm to conceive. The product was me. I did not know until the month that my own son, carried by my wife, was born, that I had been conceived any way other than the "old-fashioned way". So, here I am, the non-bio mom to a little guy who was conceived with the help of donor sperm having been conceived through the use of donor sperm myself. This is surely an unusual family dynamic, but I am certain that it is not entirely unique. I reside in the Midwest with my wife "Mommy" and our son "Little Man".

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