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Monthly Archives: January 2013

More genetics

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The company I used for my genetic testing started running a special near the end of 2012 in hopes of expanding the ancestry database they have. I couldn’t pass up the great deal. So, I ordered kits for Mommy and Granny. Mommy will get some great ancestry information and may even be able to make contact with some distant (or maybe not-so-distant)┬ábiological relatives. That’s a pretty big deal considering she has basically no information about her birth or biological connections. With Granny’s results, I will get even more information on our ancestry AND I will be able to tell what traits and relatives are from her DNA and which are from my donor. I would love to get one or both of my dad’s siblings to submit samples as well, but I haven’t been able to broach the subject with them. Even though their DNA is not mine, I would like to be able to trace my dad’s ancestry and genealogy as well. I think that his sister would be willing, but I don’t really know how to ask her to spit in a tube so that I can mail it in for analysis. ­čśë

There are other things going on in our world right now that have me distracted. I can’t wait until I can talk about them here, but for now I have to leave you hanging. It’s been a bit hard to keep up with the blog lately with all those “things” and the holidays and all the traveling we did during them, but I’ll be back. Thanks for sticking around.



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This post over at Offbeat Families really spoke to me. When people ask me how I feel about having been conceived using donor sperm, I tell them that it assures me that my parents wanted me even more than I knew…that they went to extraordinary lengths to have me. This poster says it beautifully in the last two paragraphs of her post. Though neither my parents nor my wife and I had to go “all the way” to IVF, the sentiment is the same.

“She will know how much we wanted her, our precious result of a mad science experiment gone wonderfully right.”

The WHOLE box

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I saw this graphic on F@cebook today. It made me think of my little man.

One of Little Man’s absolute favorite things to do right now is color with his chunky crayons. Often with one crayon in each hand coloring at the same time. He’ll scribble and point and tell us what he just drew. More often than not, he’s drawn a cat. He gasps with delight when we draw one of his favorite things on the paper for him. I know the graphic isn’t meant literally, but the thoughts brought a smile to my face. I hope he continues to color “with the whole box” with that same enthusiasm. Always.