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Taking a step away from my very personal account in the last post, I do feel the need to clarify that I do not advocate keeping the truth from children conceived through donor sperm. I defended my mom, not because I believe that what she did was necessarily correct, but because I know why she did it. Little Man’s story will be quite different. Growing up in a two-mom family, there will be no assumption of “fatherhood”. So, his special conception will always be a part of his life story. I’m sure we will discuss it often and in varying degrees of specificity throughout his life. Even if our two-mom family didn’t require eventual explanation to our offspring, I like to believe that we would be open and honest. I’m also grateful for the many resources available to us now that will help us navigate this journey…resources that weren’t available to my mom.

About Momma

Back in the late 70s, my parents used donor sperm to conceive. The product was me. I did not know until the month that my own son, carried by my wife, was born, that I had been conceived any way other than the "old-fashioned way". So, here I am, the non-bio mom to a little guy who was conceived with the help of donor sperm having been conceived through the use of donor sperm myself. This is surely an unusual family dynamic, but I am certain that it is not entirely unique. I reside in the Midwest with my wife "Mommy" and our son "Little Man".

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